Sanday Ranger

Hungry Otter, photo by Roderick Thorne Tresness, Campion, etc - photo by Roderick Thorne

Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday 1230-1330, the Sanday Ranger welcomes callers who’d like advice, guidance, information – or simply a chat and a cup of tea at Nearhouse, Lady Village. And nearly every Wednesday evening, 8 p.m., an illustrated, informal, 'Welcome to Sanday' at the Community School.

In addition there is a full programme of Ranger-led guided walks, events and activities from April to September. These are advertised in the 'OCEAN' calendar, and locally, (& will be on the Sanday Ranger website at the end of March 2006)

Roderick Thorne, Sanday Ranger,
Nearhouse, Sanday, Orkney KW17 2 BW
email: OR

Photos © Roderick Thorne

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